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Monday Night

7:00pm - 9:30pm

Phil Soole (0403 439 488)

Nick Rhodes (0410 252 679)

Our Monday Night fixtures cater for the intermediate to the advanced tennis players of the club. The fixtures are played around a very enjoyable evening's tennis and most of the players stay for a couple of cold refreshments after the matches. ​

  • Men & Women Players (18+)

  • Intermediate to Advanced Level

  • Doubles Competition

  • Competitive, but more Social and Relaxed

  • 2 Seasons per Year

Teams consist of four players, of which three players play every week. Matches consist of 6 sets, each of which is best of 8 games (two serves each) with short deuce. Each player plays 4 sets during the evening.


The teams are selected by the Monday night committee from the list of available players at the beginning of each season. Two fixture seasons are held each year with the winner being the first past the post. Trophies are presented on the last fixture night of the season. 

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