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Thursday Night

7:00pm - 9:30pm

Will Fraser (0468 999 455)

Our Thursday Night fixtures cater for the intermediate to the advanced tennis players of our club. The post-match atmosphere is very friendly, with team mates and opposition players conducting post-mortems of what might-have-been over a few liquid refreshments.

  • Men & Women Players 

  • Intermediate to Advanced Level

  • Doubles Competition

  • Competitive, Friendly Competition

  • Players Ranked within Teams

  • 2 (or 3) Seasons are Held Each Year

Division 1 teams consist of two doubles players of which both play in any given match. Divisions 2 & 3 teams consist of three doubles players of which all play in any given match. The players are ranked within teams to make the tennis as even as possible.


Division 1 matches consists of 4 sets and divisions 2 & 3 consist of 6 sets, each of which is best of 8 games (two serves each, short deuces) to ensure that matches finish at a predictable time. The teams are relatively self-sustaining in membership terms, but new players can be placed in teams with the help of the fixture coordinator.

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